How To Turn Your Computer Keyboard into A Music Instrument?

How To Turn Your Computer Keyboard into A Music Instrument?

Music has become an inseparable part of everyone’s life, whether be it a sad moment or happy, music will always be there. We have to admit that we’re born with the desire to engage with music, it may be composing, playing, or listening to it. Now, with your computer, you can be able to play chords, create music, and much more.

This 21st century and advancements in technologies have made it possible to create a musical instrument with help of your computer in no time. what you need is simple applications, a keyboard, a computer, and you will be able to create the music. So, let’s understand about creating music by your keyboard.


To fulfill the desire of engaging with music, we need proper instruments. The problem we face in this case is musical instruments are too much expensive. moreover, they can’t be played like other instruments.

Let’s say, if we got a drum, we can’t create music effects of a piano. So, a person born in a middle-class family who is a music enthusiast won’t afford an instrument. Additionally, it is very inconvenient to travel with those heavy or delicate instruments.

Also, a single instrument isn’t sufficient to create music, needs at least 2-4 instruments to make one. And, carrying all of them for a single person and controlling all of them by a single person is also not possible. hence, tackling this invention was a necessity.


Thankfully with the advancements in technologies, now anyone, doesn’t matter whether one is kid-adult, rich-poor, has access to the musical instruments, it is on their tip of fingers and it’s 24×7 and wherever you go, it’ll be with you. You can learn the instruments with ease and compose music.

Today, with the introduction of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers the need for carrying a musical instrument with you has been significantly reduced. The reason is the incorporation of musical activities and functioning in them.

There are ample number of websites and applications available on the web which are free for all and can be reached out without any kind of hassle.

Some of the websites and applications are worth mentioning. They have been described further.


So, heading towards the actual question which you were wondering about that how can you convert your computer keyboard into a musical instrument- here are some options, you surely wouldn’t want to miss out:


How To Turn Your Computer Keyboard into A Music Instrument?

Well, Unlikely its name, this website not only mimics just piano but contains almost all musical instruments.

This is an online web app platform, available for all online devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. to create notes and music using keys or mere touching. Here, they have the latest music songs already added to their playlists, thereby enabling users to learn the notes of songs too. Besides, we can also create our musical notes and save them as well.


How To Turn Your Computer Keyboard into A Music Instrument?

Once you get into this website using your smartphone, you will observe an interesting play using your fingers. Shortly, you will come to know, you can create music on your own by just touching, sliding, swiping, tapping, or any kind of touch movements you can do.

On the keyboard, you will experience unique sounds being created by pressing keys from A to Z.

You can create all types of music and sound using this website, which not only mimics our traditional musical instruments, but also wide varieties of sounds like lasers, spaceships’, chyme, and much more.

You must be very careful using this website, as it can make you addicted.


How To Turn Your Computer Keyboard into A Music Instrument?

You can create the sound of a drum set using your keyboard on this website. Various keys create different sounds of drums in a drum set. The more peacefully you type using your keyboard, the more magical it will sound. But, if you paused after pressing a key in your keyboard, the music notes of a drum belonging to that key continues to play.

They also have samples loaded on their website, by which you can learn beats of some winnable songs as well.

You can also share and save your beats or series of sounds you created using the keys on this website.


How To Turn Your Computer Keyboard into A Music Instrument?

Here’s another exciting website that turns your keyboard into a virtual musical instrument. Here, you can create musical chords using the 84 keys of your keyboard.

5) Play Music Using Your Mac’s Keyboard with Garageband’s Musical Typing

How To Turn Your Computer Keyboard into A Music Instrument?

Using an apple instrument and want to create music? well, the tool - Garageband is on your rescue.

Garageband is an in-built keyboard feature in mac keyboards that creates music. there’s an instrument library included in the tool, which enables the users to switch between different types of musical instruments and create tunes. You can further save and share the music you create using this tool.

The chords you play and the tunes you make depend on the duration of the key you are pressing.


Free Of Charge

Isn’t it a boon for a person born in a middle-class family with a desire to learn music? Playing the instruments online is free. You can save a lot of bucks by using online virtual instruments. You can spend the amount saved on learning other things or on a holiday trip.


Now this is also an exciting thing. You can carry your favorite instrument in your pockets wherever you want. You don’t have to carry those heavy instruments on your trips now. Just chill and play it virtually and have a good time with those instruments on your trips as well.

Easier Music Language

  • Musicians engage in several years of rigorous training and practice to learn a single instrument and to be able to create music of their own, using the knowledge they have gained these many years for a specific instrument. But, with innovations introduced in the near days and advancements in technology, this hectic and lengthy process has been easier for the new generation of musicians.
  • These websites ensure that we take less time to learn, saving a lot of our valuable time.
  • In a musical instrument, there are several chords and notes to remember, which makes the learning process so vast and boring. But, by using this website, you can learn music by just using the well-known keypads of your keyboard, at the ease of your home.

Instant Access

Now, you don’t have to waste your time and energy on unboxing and unpacking your musical instrument. You can easily access all of your musical instruments with a single click. All you have to do is go to the free websites or applications mentioned above and create your music at your fingertips.


Gone are the days where you needed to join a music class or attend a teacher’s music classes to learn music and that too for several years. Now, with the introduction of AI, anyone of any age and IQ can learn music on their own. And, not only one musical instrument but many instruments can be learned under a single application.

< p class='lh-lg'> Now, you don’t need to visit regularly on a fixed schedule for your music class. You can be your teacher and learn music at your own pace, whenever you get time, of your own will.

Smarter Education

Using being smart, we mean here, in saving time, energy, and getting along with the newer generation. The newer generation demands untraditional music, something different and unique form of music. Electronic music for that case, to give an example. Such newer kinds of music demands can be achieved by using traditional instruments, it needs specific devices and gadgets.

Hence, for fulfilling the demands of electronic music, forgetting all kinds of tunes and sound effects in a single place, musical websites which can turn your keyboard or mouse into music prove a boon.

Better Connectivity

A single instrument is not sufficient to create a song or music. The addition of musical instruments improves the music and effects thereby, making music sound more melodious. thus, here, in this case, a demand for connectivity of - instruments, instrument players, synchronization between them is created. This demand is fulfilled and overcame by the use of such technologies. Here, in this new software/tools, you can change the instruments in the library or play several instruments at the same time by using different combinations of keys of the keyboard.

Recorded Performances

When you create music by using traditional musical instruments, you need an extra person or an extra device to shoot or record your play. Which sometimes isn’t possible or can’t be arranged. In such a time, you may lose your data or creation.

But with the help of these new tools and websites, all of your data, the tunes, and the music you create get saved and can be altered or shared upon your wish.


Now, who doesn’t like to create your uniqueness and new kinds of music? With the advancements in technology, a new demand for music – electronic music is on-trend. And the new generation wants more such kinds of unique sounds and effects.

There are ample number of modernized musicians all over the world who are famous because of these works, creating newer music day by day.

The competition will always be there in a newly introduced on-demand trend. And to cope up with the competition, to be a step ahead of our competitors, it is the need of the hour to change according to the world, to adapt to the music lifestyle, the world is adapting and perform better than them.

Environmentally Friendly

The name of noise pollution hasn’t remained new nowadays. There have been effective measures taken by the government all over the world to control noise pollution, and why shouldn’t we? Noise pollution harms birds, small creatures, babies who hear in nano frequencies.

A major noise polluting agent being DJs, sound effects at the functions, etc. aren’t unknown to us. Besides, music learners can also produce noise pollution while learning traditional or electronic music instruments, be it a drum, electric guitar, etc. they all emit sound frequencies in harmful ranges.

The new software tools and websites for creating music on computers, allow the connection of earphones and other accessories, which limit the noise/ sound created to be heard to the music creator only. Thereby, saving the environment.