7 Minute WPM Test

Our 7 minute typing speed test is free tool and can be used to check average words per minute (WPM). The outcomes of the WPM keyboard test will give you both your typing speed and your typing accuracy results.

About 7 Minute Typing Test

The 7 Minute Typing speed test is the last step to becoming a pro typist. If you have completed the beginner and advanced levels of typing test, you are now fit to take a typing test on this mode. Excelling in this 7 Minute typing test requires high practice and expertise, which comes from taking previous tests like the 2 Minute Typing test, 3 Minute speed typing test, and 5 Minute typing challenge. If you have mastered all of them, you can surely master the 7 Minute WPM test. Typing practice using this tool would help you increase typing speed and efficiency further and you will be able to type without making many errors. The free word per minute test is lightweight and can be accessed on any browser or any device like a computer or laptop as long as you have an internet connection.

How to Improve Typing Speed In 7 Minute

You will need more than bravery to complete this 7 minute typing test and you will need to type continuously to make sure that your WPM does not drop.

- Use Best keyboard for Typing

One of the basic features that the keyboard should have been the smoothness of the keys. when you type, the keys should be able to register them smoothly, without having to exert much pressure on the fingers. If you own a good keyboard then try to convert keyboard to music instrument before practice. It is a fun activity which will fresh your mind.

- Don’t Hunt and Peck

Typing continuously for 180 seconds might seem challenging. It requires focus and constant typing speed so you do not lower your WPM. It is difficult for sure, but not impossible. Take typing test frequently to type faster in 3 minute mode. Push your limits and try to continue typing for 3 minutes with 100% typing accuracy.

- Restart Typing Test When You Make Mistake

When you make a mistake while taking the typing speed test, do not continue typing. Rather restart the webpage and start typing again and try not to make typos this time. Typing a single character wrong will make your whole word incorrect. You can’t press the backspace and correct the word. This is how this word per minute tool is designed. Restarting the test will help you to type the words error-free thus building typing accuracy.