5 Minute WPM Test

Test your typing skills with our 5 minutes fast and accurate tool and improve typing speed. Use your outcomes to see how far a good typing technique could take you!

About 5 Minute Typing Speed Challenge

The 5 Minute WPM test is designed to test your typing speed and efficiency for a complete 5 minutes. It is the intermediate level for practicing typing after the beginner modes (2-Minute typing test and 3-Minute typing test). 5 minute typing test is helpful when you have successfully mastered the previous tests and are looking to increase your typing speed for further level.

Consider Below Points Before Playing 5 Minute Typing Game

The 5 minute typing speed game, just like the 2 and 3 Minute typing challenge, can be mastered with a few techniques. The foremost is mastering in 2 Minute and 3 Minute typing tests. If you have completed the previous typing speed test, you can follow the tips below to expertise in the 5 Minute typing test practice mode.

- Avoid Hunt and Peck Method of Typing

The Hunt and Peck method of typing is the method in which typing is done only by the index fingers while looking at the keyboard. It is totally a foolish typing practice. Do not use this method if you wish to increase your typing speed. Using only index fingers will take more time and exert pressure on the index fingers. Looking for the keys while typing may also require more time. Thus, this typing technique requires more time and will hinder your typing speed. So, challenge yourself not to look at the keyboard while typing.

- Push Your Limit

Typing continuously for 180 seconds might seem challenging. It requires focus and constant typing speed so you do not lower your WPM. It is difficult for sure, but not impossible. Take typing test frequently to type faster in 3 minute mode. Push your limits and try to continue typing for 3 minutes with 100% typing accuracy.

- Try to Avoid Typos

In the 3 minute typing test, it is necessary to avoid typos or typing errors. It is okay to lag by a few words but the words you type need to be correct. This may seem difficult in the beginning but you will end up used to it. Avoiding typing mistakes will help you to maintain typing accuracy in the next typing test. It will be beneficial for you to improve keyboarding skills and typing finger placement.

- Accuracy with Touch Typing

Practice touch typing and focus on accuracy while doing so. Type while looking at the screen and try to type without looking at keyboard. Try your best not to make any mistakes in your spelling and punctuation. This way, you will learn improving typing speed and accuracy for free.

- Elbow at 90 Degree Angle

Proper Elbow placement when typing can give you additional benefits. Place your elbow at a 90-degree angle while typing. This is the proper posture for typing and can help provide you comfort. While typing in comfort, you can type faster with accuracy for a longer time. This factor is required in a 5 Minute test challenge so you can type uninterrupted for 300 seconds. This typing posture is not mandatory until you are comfortable. Don’t pressurize your hands for sake of typing technique. But it is always recommended to sit straight while practicing typing.

- Achieve 40+ WPM Target

Try to achieve target of 40 WPM typing speed or more. Set a particular target to reach and then, you will reach that target and can type faster in the wish to reach the goal. An average typing speed is 40 wpm. If you reach WPM 40, you are an average Typist. And you are a pro typist if you can type 60 WPM or more. Pass this mode by following proper guidance to qualified for advance typing mode in this tool.