3 Minute WPM Test

3 minute typing test tool starts calculating your WPM score when you begin typing. This tool will calculate your typing accuracy and your keystroke speed.

What is a 3 Minute WPM test?

Once you have taken a typing test in a shorter duration mode, it is now time to move on to the little advanced mode of typing tool. The 3 Minute WPM Test allows you to type the words shown on the screen within a time limit of 180 seconds or 3 minutes. Words will be shown on the screen which you have to type as fast and accurately as you can. On completion of 180 seconds, your typing speed report is displayed. The result contains numbers of correct words you type in 3 minute online typing test out of the total words given. It also includes the number of incorrect words so that you can recognize typos and improve typing speed.

Road Map to Master 3 Minute Typing Test

You can type faster in the 3 Minute typing test mode by following proper typing techniques and implementing it daily.

- Maintain Correct Typing Posture

You must maintain a body posture while typing and make sure to use proper typing wrist position. An incorrect body posture will lead to discomfort and would slow down your typing. Best posture for typing is to sit straight with feet flat on the ground, elbow at right angle, and screen slightly below the neck. Also, make sure your wrists are free and straight. You can use wrist brace for typing to avoid pain.

- Push Your Limit

Typing continuously for 180 seconds might seem challenging. It requires focus and constant typing speed so you do not lower your WPM. It is difficult for sure, but not impossible. Take typing test frequently to type faster in 3 minute mode. Push your limits and try to continue typing for 3 minutes with 100% typing accuracy.

- Try to Avoid Typos

In the 3 minute typing test, it is necessary to avoid typos or typing errors. It is okay to lag by a few words but the words you type need to be correct. This may seem difficult in the beginning but you will end up used to it. Avoiding typing mistakes will help you to maintain typing accuracy in the next typing test. It will be beneficial for you to improve keyboarding skills and typing finger placement.

- Touch Typing Practice

Touch typing is the practice of typing where you have to type without looking at the keyboard. The main goal is to exercise your fingers to know where a certain key on the keyboard is located and get used to all the keys. Touch typing practice helps to maintain typing accuracy and make few errors. Also, touch typing help you to improve your brain muscles.

- Accuracy Over Speed

The main aim of typing speed test is not just to type faster but type with accuracy. This is needed when you type anything- stories, projects, or while coding. IF accuracy is not maintained, many errors may occur in your work. Also, it will cause more time to correct typing mistakes, which means poor work efficiency.

It’s Time to Move Forward

Upon regular typing practice test, you will gain a good typing speed in the 3 Minute typing test. Once you think that you have mastered this typing challenge, you may move on to the next typing test mode, that is, the 5 minute WPM challenge.