2 Minute WPM Test

The 2 minute typing test tool is a platform for you to practice touch typing and check your word per minute speed within two minutes.

About 2 Minute Typing Test

The 2 Minute WPM test is a typing test tool that helps measure your typing speed in the terms of Words Per Minute or WPM. 2 Minute typing test measures your typing accuracy on a keyboard. Typing speed test is essential to check how many words can you type per minute using a keyboard to become a typing master. 2 minutes Online typing test calculate the numbers of words you type in 2 minute. Our tool analyses your typing accuracy by recording the words you have typed correctly out of the total words typed. By taking this free typing test, you can track your typing speed as well as accuracy.

Lessons for Improving Typing speed

This mode is best for students to improve your skills. You can improve your typing speed and accuracy over time with a few points to be kept in mind and some steps to be taken. Follow the below steps while you practice typing test online and implement it before your keyboarding skills die.

- Focus on Typing Finger Placement

Correct typing finger placement matters a lot in keyboard typing practice, especially on a real keyboard instead of a virtual keyboard. Make sure you use all 10 fingers while typing to reduce the time taken and extra stress on your fingers. Your left index finger should be placed on F key and right index finger on J key. It would help you reach all the keys without putting much strain on the fingers and aid in faster typing.

- Improve Typing Accuracy

Often, we tend to focus on typing speed rather than typing accuracy. This is incorrect because when you put speed before efficiency, you make mistakes and the correction takes longer. Thus, it is recommended that you focus on improving accuracy when typing first and then gradually work on the speed. This way, you will make fewer mistakes while typing and would not need to invest your time in checking if you have typed everything well.

- It’s ok to Make Mistakes

If you have just begun typing, you may find it difficult to locate keys on the keyboard and would sometimes encounter mistakes too. There is no learning without making mistakes as long as you are willing to correct them. Mistakes will let you identify your wrong typing practice like incorrect typing hand position which will indirectly help you on improving typing skills. If you regret about making mistakes you can try this fun activity of making keyboard a musical instrument.

Get Faster at Typing in 2 Minute WPM Test

The 2 Minute online typing test tool helps you take a shorter duration test and challenge your friends to take this test alongside you. Speed typing test contain words that are used by us regularly and are easy to type. Thus, making it easier for beginners to type without being paranoid. By practicing typing faster

regularly on the 2 Minute free typing test tool, you can become a faster typist. Once you learn to type faster in this mode, you can move to 3 minute typing mode.