10 Minute WPM Test

10 minute timer of this Typing Speed Test tool helps you find how fast you can type. There's a time counter of 10 minutes. You need to type as many words as possible within 10 minutes with 99.9% of typing accuracy.

10 Minute Typing Test for Typewriters

The 10 Minute WPM test is the advanced typing practice mode. Once you have covered all the basics of typing, you are now all set to crack this master level of typing. Though typing speed test is not easy as you have to type for 10 minutes straight without a break, mastering this technique will make you a typing master like no one else. The typing word per minute test allows you to master typing on any device for free. The tool is lightweight and is supported by all browsers on your laptop or PC. All you need is a device, a keyboard, and an internet connection to take this test. It would be best if you are familiar with the keyboard you are using. This familiarity can be obtained by taking the beginner modes in the WPM test. Step by step, you can reach this mode and master it.

How to Win this Typing Challenge

10 Minute WPM test mode is the progressive mode of the typing and needs extra guidance too. This guidance is required so that you can ace 10 minute typing challenge without much difficulty.

- Sit Comfortably While Typing

You will have to spend the entire 10 minutes typing and sitting uncomfortably and changing the postures after starting the test may slow your typing speed. Thus, it is required that you sit in a comfortable position before starting the typing test and can completely focus on typing. If you feel you are not ready for this test, we recommend you to practice in 5 minute and 7 minute typing mode.

- Think you are Giving a Real Typing Exam

You can master this technique only if you think that you are giving a real typing exam in an exam center and in between other candidates that you have to surpass and are invigilated by someone. This way, you will develop a seriousness about the typing test and will perform better.

- Implement all Typing Techniques that You have Learned From the Previous Mode

If you have reached this typing practice mode, it means that you have completed the previous modes of the WPM test and have learned some typing techniques from those test. Apply those techniques in 10 minute WPM test and you are certain to perform well in this mode too.

- Touch Typing – Typing Without Looking At the Keyboard

Practice touch typing if you wish to become a professional typist. Looking at the keyboard while typing will only take you much time and will restrict you from reaching your full potential. Familiarize yourself with the keyboard so well that you do not need to look at the keyboard to see which key you are typing. In this way you will improve your keyboarding skills.

- Try to Type with 100+ Wpm with 99.9% Accuracy

In the 10 Minute WPM test, try to achieve 100+ WPM and 99.9% typing accuracy. Doing this, you will be considered a pro typist who can type fast and accurately. Now, this is when you have mastered typing.

Congratulations! You have now mastered typing by passing different levels and modes of typing. But, Don’t Rest, continue practicing typing and get better with each passing day. Try to achieve higher WPM and accuracy.