Words Per Minute Test

Word Per Minute Test is also refer to as Wpm Test. This is best tool you will come across if
you are aspiring for taking typing tests and improving your typing skills.

Take A Gist of Word Per Minute Test

WPM (word per minute) test is an online typing test to determine the typing test at best of our accuracy. It can be characterized as "The number of words typed within a minute without any error or typing mistakes."

Here, a word accounts for a five-lettered word. For example, "about" (a five-lettered word) will be considered a "word" whereas "crocodiles" (a ten-lettered word) will be known as two words.

Hence, such a number of correctly typed five-lettered words typed in 60 seconds (a minute) is the typing speed of an individual denoted and determined in terms of "WPM."

Now, as the name suggests, the "WPM Test" is a quick typing speed test online, used to calculate how many words we are capable of typing in a minute. This speed differs from person to person and can be improved upon practicing.

Perks and benefits of the Word Per Minute Test

To excel in a skill, be it typing, stenography, transcription, etc. We need to know our capacities, our strengths, and weaknesses, our productivity.

Here's where the WPM Test or WPM speed test comes into play. It measures our productivity in terms of typing speed; it measures how much time we can express our thoughts into words with utmost accuracy.

Let's get into the depths of the perks of the word per minute test online -


Designed for all keyboard layouts

The website word per minute is designed for all kinds of keyboard layouts and there shall be no issues for calculating the WPM speed no matter what keyboard method/layout you use. What we test is for your accuracy and speed.


Engaging text to type

Besides testing your speed in a boring way, we have also introduced a unique testing method, i.e. by engaging in alphabetical/ worldly games to inculcate user-friendliness. Also, they have included interesting text phrases, fables, proverbs, poems, short stories, etc.


Different Entry Modes

Typing tests are made simple for the beginners, moderate level for the intermediates, and challenging classes for the advanced ones. Accordingly, WPM has been designed to calculate WPM without giving any difficulty level to the user.


Guest Users

Word per minute is free of cost and doesn't charge a penny for testing your skill. Hence, anyone of any age, gender, profession, the level can test themselves anonymously and get the results without login or paying a penny.


Limitless Practice

You can do online typing practice and improve yourself at as much pace and for as much time as you need. There's no limit to using the platform for any specific period. Word Per Minute provides you with that platform where you can learn and practice at any time of the day and as much as you want.


Customer support

Word per minute helps users to let you know how the website works, what are the new features added, how to use the platform, and more. You can contact us directly in case of any issues faced. The 24*7 helpline number will be provided on the website itself.

How to calculate Word Per Minute (WPM)?

As stated above, a word is calculated as a conjugate of 5 characters. In this sense, words per minute are calculated by using the following formula -

WPM = number of words typed /5/number of minutes taken

While the accuracy is calculated as -

Accuracy = No. Of characters typed without error / total number of characters typed * 100

Now, suppose while typing 500 words, you made 50 mistakes, the accuracy will come out to be -

Accuracy = 450/500* = 90%

Hence, in such a manner,

WPM = 20 WPM, 90% Accuracy.

Some factual stats :

  • The average typing speed is 40 wpm, 90% accuracy.
  • On average, males have a higher typing speed than females. (With males having 44 WPM & Females with 37 WPM).
  • The record of fastest typing speed is 216 WPM.

Hunt and Peck vs. Touch Typing

Hunt and Peck typing

Hunt and Peck's typing refers to typing by looking at the keyboard, hunting for the character key you wish to press to complete typing, and then pecking (pressing) it.

The Hunt and Peck method are more time-consuming because it forces your attention towards the keyboard to find the characters you wish to type instead of the screen, where you need to look to see your work. Hence, it is less efficient and makes you have less speed and less productivity.

Touch typing

Touch typing is based on the fact that we have muscle memory stored involuntarily in our minds.

It is a skill rather than a method. Continuous practice makes you learn the keyboard keys, and thus, fingers automatically type without looking into the keyboard.

Thus, this method is more efficient, less time-consuming, and makes you more productive by saving your time.

In such a method, the QWERTY keyboard introduction has a considerable role to play. The sequence of the keys is kept in such a way that the sensory-motor functions memorize the keys well.

Working of touch typing

Fingers are placed as shown in the photo, left-hand fingers are placed at the starting letters, and the little finger is kept resting on the button while the main index finger is on the F button of the QWERTY keyboard.

The right-hand fingers are kept on the keyboard with the index finger on the J key and the little finger on the (;) semicolon key. Thereafter, word per minute is practiced.

Moreover, there are more typing practice options available on the internet where we can learn touch typing for free.

Typing Speed of Different Professionals working in Different field

  • Average typing speed of students = 30-50 WPM, 85% accuracy.
  • Average Words Per Minute of teachers = 45-65 WPM,90% accuracy.
  • Average WPM of data entry operator =50 wpm and over.
  • Average Word Per Minute of programmers = 60-70 wpm.
  • Average WPM of typist = 100 wpm and over.

Using Numpad Like Pro to type Numbers Faster

The number pad is located on the right side of a keyboard consisting of 17 keys' keypad having the numbers from 0-9, keys for basic arithmetic operations such as +, -, %, etc., as well as for the secondary key usage.

However, in a laptop, these number keys are on the top of the keypad.

Typing numbers is significant for programmers, coding, accountants, clerks, the ones doing numerical jobs.

Hence, they need to have a hand in Numpad and numerical typing skills.

Numpad typists on desktop keyboard earn typing skills in the following manner - (Right hand)

  • Index finger = 4,1,7,
  • Middle Finger = 5,2, 8
  • Ring finger = 6, 3, 9
  • Little finger = +
  • Thumb = 0

On the laptop, the right hand has these controls

  • Index Finger = 5, 4
  • Middle Finger =3
  • Ring Finger =2
  • Little finger = 1

While the left hand have these controls

  • Index finger = 6,7
  • Middle finger = 8
  • Ring finger = 9
  • Little finger = 0, -, +

Using the touch-typing method, it becomes easy to improve Word Per Minute on Numpad too. It just needs vigorous typing speed practice. Once you have the training, there's no looking back.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to learn typing?

Practicing for less amount but more period proves to be effective than practicing for more amount in less period.

As people say, "little is more" in typing test. Touch typing Practice of 30 minutes daily for 2-3 months will be enough for you to learn typing.

What do 10 Fingers Typing basically Mean?

Typing using all the five fingers of both hands, i.e. With ten fingers without looking at the keyboard, is called ten fingers typing. This is also known as touch typing. This typing uses muscle memory to type. Hence there is no need to look at the keyboard from time to time. Using it saves us a lot amount of time and makes us faster and more productive.

Which Keyboard layout is best for typing?

There is a range of keyboard layouts out there preferred by typists all over, the oldest being QWERTY and recent being Colemak. As their time states, due to advancements in each proceeding generation, it's evident that recent ones would be better than the older ones. However, due to the ancientness and more usage of QWERTY keyboards, they still remain a popular choice in many typing industries. Let's take a gist at some of the best of them.

QWERTY keyboard

Being a traditional keyboard, it has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Its layout was designed for touch typing and making ten-finger typing possible. It was created by - Christopher Latham Sholes in the 1870s.

Although, due to a lot of advancements, better options have arrived in the market.

DVORAK Keyboard

Created by August Dvorak and William Dealey in 1936, it has become the fastest keyboard over the years.

If you are looking for speed in typing, then this keyboard layout is the best for you.

COLEMAK Keyboard

This keyboard is named after its inventor - Shai Coleman, made in 2006.

This keyboard is more efficient as compared to any other keyboard.

Hence, to conclude, if you are looking for speed,

go for DVORAK one, while if you want efficiency, go for colemak one.

What is CPM, and how is it different from WPM?

CPM stands for 'characters per minute.' Where Characters are the number of typed keys. Whereas WPM stands for 'words per minute.' Where a word is the number of characters divided by five.

For example, 'five kites' has - 10 characters and two words.

The average CPM is 140, while the average WPM is 40.

Can Use a Mechanical keyboard to increase my typing speed?

Mechanical keyboard has definitely some upper hand over the digital one, this is because of the following reasons-

  • The typing sound does a reflex action and assures that you are typing something and at a reasonable speed.
  • Some keyboards do have lights, which signal your visuals according to the light and wavelength they emit. Lights also influence hormones like serotonin and melatonin, which are euphoric or happiness-inducing. Hence, light in combination with audio responses boosts our typing speed.
  • The tactile (touch) response we receive on a mechanical keyboard also aids in increased sensory-motor activities, hence improving muscle memory.

Thus, these points conclude that having a mechanical keyboard improves your typing speed.

Should I put WPM on my resume?

It depends more on the type of job you are looking for, such as typing jobs like - clerical, accountancy, content writing, stenography, typewriting, etc.

It is not much necessary in other jobs where you don't require much typing knowledge.

However, writing Typing speed on your resume will only add a number to your skill, which is another way excellent and impressive.


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